Who is SBS? 

Sundaram Business Services is a partner for organizations who are seeking rapid growth and increased financial position in their markets. In simple terms, we can be viewed as business advisors who can diagnose the key gaps in business processes and help an organization to plug those gaps.

We differ from BPO’s in the marketplace through our consultative approach that is built on our core capabilities in outsourced financial processes and outsourced accounting.

At the heart of it all we are business consultants or business advisors who look to add value to an organization rather than just providing a service through our competencies in outsourced financial processes and automation (robotic process automation).  

What does SBS do? 

Central to what we do is our Business Process Study. When we engage with clients, this often becomes our starting point. And this is because businesses are re-visiting existing processes, to remove inefficiencies, reduce errors and hence cost, allowing them to remain competitive. Pinpointing exactly where a process breaks down and where it can be improved is critical to the performance of the business. And SBS is all about improving business performance.

Following the business process study, we add value to an organization through financial process outsourcing or robotic process automation or in many instances, a combination of both. SBS offers business transformation experience, helping businesses with its innovative and streamlined service offerings across verticals. If your company has a finance team of 5 people or more, SBS’ industry agnostic robotic process automation and outsourcing solutions will help reduce costs anywhere between 40-60% depending on the processes in place. SBS is able to assess the current state of the process and put in place a standardized future state process with adequate controls along with a roadmap of cost savings. 

Why choose SBS?

Simply put, for our clients we are their partner of choice, we are the business advisors they prefer to work with. From our clients’ feedback, they see us as experts in technology and processes who have the required adaptability to make necessary changes as needed to achieve the desired client outcome. We are easy to do business with, we have a flexible engagement model and we demonstrate end-to-end accountability. But above all, we are a trusted and credible business. And a lot of this has to do with our lineage.

Our core values are derived from the group company, Sundaram Finance, one of India's largest financial services conglomerate with 60 years of customer excellence with US$ 5.93 billion balance sheet and 1.65 million customer base from over 500 branches in India. Sundaram Finance embraces a philosophy that combines Growth, Quality and Profitability and remains rooted to its ideal of protecting and enhancing shareholder value. 

Grow your business
profits exponentially

How you can use Automation and Financial Outsourcing to


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Grow your business
profits exponentially 

How you can use Automation and Financial Outsourcing to